Olmo is an alternative Destination Wedding Photographer in Spain, based in Marbella, Malaga, his own style captures the extraordinary images of each story.

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Own Character

 01. Our Style

We believe that all Weddings have something extraordinary, we photograph all the stuff that makes your wedding yours and no one else's. We create incomparable and unique creative powered wedding photography with own authentic character and energy.

02. We are Color

We convey our unique photographer style in the colour too. Spain is colour, we're the Spain color; is ocean and skyn blue, are vibrant colours and glowing orangey-red colour lights. 
Our edited proccess is minimal, it's about how we illuminate and capture the scene. We dissociate ourself about passing trends, is our own style and it will endure over time. 

Documentaring Real Moments

 03. What We Do

We develop one-of-a-kind special creations based on the very essence of each story.
As documentary wedding photographers our main focus is on capturing real moments. It's about real people doing real things to remind you of how it felt to be there. That’s not to say that we won’t take any group shots or wedding details if those are important to you. We’re there to capture everything you need. Our priority though is to let weddings unfold without our interference so that your photographs show the real you.

Composition, Light & Moment

04. How We Do It

Our main ingredients are composition, light & moment, which is the most important and to be difficult to get it. We love photographing the behind the scenes, these moments are the very essence of your Wedding day. Is not just about the pretty posed portraits, it's about conveying emotions and capturing the atmosphere of the day.

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05. Our Skills

We are talented photographers when it comes to photographing the decisive moment and we commit to make the same quality from beginning to end of the Wedding, even in low light conditions.

We specialize in nighttime and indoor low light weddings, we are illuminating experts. It is a promise to make something better.

 06. About Us

We are explorers, seekers, artists, weekend warriors, night owls. We love to express with our photos of what we see and feel through the camera.

Spain Destinations &
Marbella Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer in Marbella & Destinations in Spain

07. Destinations

We are working with clients from all over the world for their destination Wedding in Spain. We're based in Marbella, one of the best areas in the world for its wedding venues, location diversity & weather. Our favorite Marbella wedding venues are Finca la Concepcion & Villa Padierna Hotel.
Olmo's team have photographed weddings in Spain like as Marbella, Malaga, Sotogrande, Madrid, Cadiz, Toledo and Granada.

We create "Wow" moments that will leave you speechless.

08. Awards

Top 50 Best International Wedding Photographer 2019 by MyWed.
Fearless Photographers Best 30 Wedding Stories of the World in 2015.
Finalist Nikon Photo Contest 2017.
Nomitate to Photographer of the Year 2016 y 2018 By the Spanish
Federation of Photographers (FEPFI).
Nomitate to UnionWep Awards 2018.
Finalist Nikon Award MyWed 2017.

Spain best wedding photographer
09. What Our Clients Say

Bold clients that looked to aim higher and tell their different story.

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"Olmo managed to blend seamlessly and almost unnoticed among us and our guests on our wedding day, producing photos that captured the very essence, exceeding our expectations of what we required from our special day. Over a thousands shots of only 34 guests, demonstrating a staggering eye for detail, story, composition, colour and personality. Highly recommend."

- Michael & Ceri Wildman -
// From London to Tarifa, Spain.

"Never we think our photos would be as incredible. They’re not wedding photos; they’re an art work. Olmo has an incredible talent, he is everywhere, and we felt he captured everything so perfectly. Olmo has a unique eye for the decisive moment; his creativity shines, it goes much further than photography, it’s a natural trait that is so precious and rare in a person."

- Jimmy & Ying de Vlieger -
// From Germany & Thailand to Mijas, Spain.m London to Tarifa, Spain.

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bodas en malaga

"It takes a creative eye to tease out the storytelling potential in a doorway, a wall, and a mirror—but this photographer accomplished that goal! As they are ushered into the room, the girls gaze up in clear admiration at the lovely bride. Thanks to a softly focused reflection in the mirror, we get to share their view and take in the whole narrative simultaneously."

 - The Editors of Fearless Photographers -

Destinaion Wedding Photographer in Spain

Olmo is an award-winning Marbella Wedding photographer, in Malaga, and around Spain, that has built a reputation for getting the best for every client. Our Approach takes a bespoke to every couple with great images for exacting standards.